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19 August 2012 @ 05:32 pm
Here's an idea for dinner : Nikujaga! In fact, below is some useless trivia taken directly from WIki-chan!

Nikujaga (肉じゃが) (meaning meat-potato) is a Japanese dish of meat, potatoes and onion stewed in sweetened soy sauce, sometimes with ito konnyaku and vegetables. Generally, potatoes make up the bulk of the dish, with meat mostly serving as a source of flavor. It usually is boiled until most of the liquid has been reduced. Thinly sliced beef is the most common meat used, although minced/ground beef is also popular. Pork is often used instead of beef in eastern Japan.

Nikujaga is a common home-cooked winter dish, served with a bowl of white rice and miso soup. It is also sometimes seen in izakayas.

Nikujaga was invented by chefs of the Imperial Japanese Navy in the late 19th century. The story that Tōgō Heihachirō ordered naval cooks to create a version of the beef stews served in the British Royal Navy was devised as part of an ongoing campaign beginning in 1895 to promote the city of Maizuru, Kyoto, which hosted an Imperial Japanese Navy base where Tōgō was stationed, as the birthplace of nikujaga.The municipal government of Kure, Hiroshima, responded in 1998 with a competing claim that Tōgō commissioned the dish while serving as chief of staff of the Kure naval base

OK, so now everybody knows what Nikujaga is. Its basically a meat-potato stew. Very easy to make, taste delicious (if you like sweet), and japanese enough to brag about! Guess the Island Nation wasn't all about raw fish, huh?

Here's what you need :

1. Meat (Either Beef or Pork)
2. Potatoes
3. Additional Ingredients you may want to add (Carrots, Onions, stuff like that)

For the sauce/soup :

1. (Japanese Shoyu, or just normal) Soy Sauce
2. Sugar
3. Water
4. Mirin or Sake (both are a type of Japanese alcoholic beverage, but Mirin is lower on the scale) or skip both and went for Teriyaki sauce
5. Optionally, you can add Honey as well.

Tools :

1. Knife
2. a Pot
3. a Ladle/Spoon/Whatever you need to stir the stew

Now all accounted for? Good! Notice how I didn't add any measurement? I didn't use one either. I believe that cooking is very subjective, so I left the measurement to your taste! How much sugar, etc, etc to put in.

So now for the cooking part! Steps you need to know :

1. Make the sauce; put everything in a bowl ( I prefer the Soy Sauce/Water measured about 1/3 or more water since the Soy Sauce could be a but strong) and stir until it was mixed well. Make sure the sugar was mixed well!

2. Cut the beef/pork, Potatoes, Any-additional stuffs to your taste, but not too big.

3. Saute the meat on medium fire until they turned brown

4. Put in the sauce and the rest of the ingredients. Let it simmer on e low heat until the potatoes become tender / soft.

5. Done~!

Tips : If you're making this for kids who hated Potatoes/Carrot/Anything Heathy, try boiling them until they turned very, very mushy. That way it wouldn't taste as strong.
22 November 2011 @ 07:13 pm
How much debt do you have?
13 March 2011 @ 08:03 pm
If your pet were a person, what occupation would they choose?

A Teacher! or A Police Officers! Anything that required her to be a rather strict leader with a smirk that says 'I'm better than you and nothing could change that, so whip up your ass and do better than that pathetic attempt!'

Dino, my cute little small dog, was a very strict pet. She also likes to help people, guide them, guard them, and practically rule everything in our residence complex. There are a lot of male dogs here, but all of them got turned into her harem sometimes back then. Now, she goes around elegantly with a face that says 'I own the place, bitches!' but remain helpful to everything, even other female dogs. Truly, she is an inspiration to all women out there to stand up and rule the world.

29 May 2010 @ 09:22 pm

New Project from JapanManiaz, The Titania Academy! This is a choose your own story type of game, linking with various posts from other sources~

Summary : You are a new student of the elite private school, Titania Academy! But unlike ordinary school, this is an inter-dimensional school with students that come from various race! In fact, You are the only human here! Vampires, Werewolves, Elves, and many other types of creature you'll only found in fairy tales is going to be your classmates!

This school is created to bring equality to all race, regardless of their power, abilities and bloodline! Students here are all high ranked as it is the fastest way to bring equality, by influencing the future heads of races! You yourself is the child of the Humankind ruler, King Yuan and Queen Velios of the Magicians.

There are three Principals of Titania; Marianne of Heaven, Lilith of Hell, and Bianca of Tartarus. They each are the queens of their own respective worlds. They lead the school and take care of most diplomatic meetings Titania is having with. They also govern over the Teachers, but they did not directly control the school.

Because that is The Student Council's job. They take care of everything school related, from the Student Profiles, Grades, Schedule, Meeting, Ceremony, and many more. The School's active head is the Student Council President, who is chosen at the Opening Ceremony of every years. They create the system the students is going to use for a year and the school is based mainly from their ideas.


Prologue - First ImpressionCollapse )